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When to say “I Love You”

August 8, 2010

People today don’t know how to use the phrase “I Love You” properly.  Let’s think of appropriate uses of the phrase.

Obvious uses of “I love you” (most people have this down pat)
1. When your wife bakes you a chocolate chip cookie, say “I love you chocolate chip cookie”
2. When Apple comes out with a new product, blindly purch
ase it no matter the cost and say “I love you Steve Jobs”
3. When your daughter says “I love you daddy”, say “I love me too”

Not so obvious uses of “I love you” (don’t say the part in parenthesis out loud)
1. When your bride-to-be calls you at 3am before the wedding day with gushy-feely stuff, remember to agree with everything she says and promptly end the conversation with “I love you…(for now)”
2. At your wedding…to your new wife
3. When your laptop mysteriously stops connecting to an open WiFi at Starbucks, remember to gently caress its general WiFi antenna area and say “I love you…please connect to WiFi…(until that new MacBookPro I purchased arrives)”.

When in doubt, just say it and hope for the best.

Am I forgetting anything? Send in your thoughts below.

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  1. August 8, 2010 8:35 pm

    Lol this is funny 🙂

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