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Flush the toilet

September 9, 2010
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Warning: don’t be eating anything when reading this post as it may make you sick.

Before we start, let’s go over some terminology used in this post:

“#1”: pee


“#2”: poo


Okay, that might have been totally unnecessary but now we can move on.

When not flushing the toilet is OK
At home, my parents-in-law don’t flush the toilet, but only if it’s #1. Usually mom does #1, followed immediately by dad, and he flushes. All this takes place within 5 minutes. Saves water. Understandable and noble. Right? Right.

When not flushing the toilet is NOT OK
At work, my 60 or so floor-mates don’t seem to flush the toilet at all.  Today I walked in the bathroom and found that all toilets had #1, #2 OR BOTH in it.  The longer they stay un-flushed, the more the odor permeates…

out of the stalls…

out of the bathroom…

and into my office…

Think about this for a second…or not…It’s disgusting.

Let’s all flush the toilet in public bathrooms from now on. Thank you.

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