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How to get a high score on DoodleJump

November 8, 2010

DoodleJump has sucked tons of time from iPhone/android owners like myself. As it stands, I’ve spent a total of 6 hours and 32 minutes on the game, with my longest playing time at 10 minutes and 12 seconds.  During that time, some 6000 kids around the world died from poverty ( Depressing.

Here are my obvious tips for getting a high score on DoodleJump:

1. Use an iPad. If you don’t have one, go buy it. The cheapest version ($499) will do. iPad gives you greater control of the guy’s movement and where he shoots. (is getting a high score on DoodleJump worth buying an iPad? Probably not, but if you have tons and tons of money to spend while a bunch of kids around the world are dying of hunger, by all means, go buy the iPad.)
2. Use headphones. It will help you tune out the rest of the crap (aka “world”) and focus on the game.
3. Close your door and put up a do not disturb sign ala  Again, helps you focus.
4. When you get to the orange platforms that disappear: do not panic. They take a while to disappear. Be cool.
5. Do not take any “leap of faith” kind of jumps. That is, if you don’t know if you can jump high enough to skip the next platform to reach the next-next platform, don’t do it. Taking it one platform at a time is a noble thing to do.
6. Pause the game to take mental breaks. When to pause the game: when you have the boost (helicopter cap/booster rocket), or when you are on a green platform. Stretch, take deep breaths, go walk around a bit.
7. Kill the monsters instead of trying to dodge/avoid it. Killing them will eliminate the need to dodge/avoid them. Sometimes avoiding the monster results in missing the platform. That really sucks.
8. Get good at jumping into the left edge of the screen and out from the right edge of the screen and vise-versa. Practice this early on in the game when there are bunch of platforms.  You don’t know when you’ll need this skill.
9. Get good at anticipating where the blue/gray platforms will be. Platforms move at different speeds.
10. Repeat the game until you get a high score.

I’m sure you didn’t find the list helpful at all, as these are all obvious tips. I just wasted your valuable jumping time and got a high score while you were reading it…

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