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2:45 to write this blog

December 11, 2010

I’m about to watch Family Guy on Hulu and it gave me two choices at the beginning:

1) watch a long commercial (2 min 45 sec) at the beginning and then watch the entire show commercial-free
2) watch the show in normal format (ie commercials are weaved in)

Given those two choices, I chose 1 and came here to write this blog post while the commercial is playing in another browser tab. My question is, given those two choices, why wouldn’t you choose choice 1?  I do not see choice 2 being better in any way, unless you end up watching less total commercial in choice 2 (like less than 2:45 total).

Ok my 2:45 is almost up. Pretty amazing how much I can write in 2:45. Now off to watch Family Guy.  I love tabs on Firefox.


Edit Dec. 13: I didn’t get the choice today when I watched The Simpsons. I had to watch 4 commercials:

45 sec + 30 sec + 50 sec + 60 sec = 3 min 5 seconds total.

conclusion: option 1 is much better.


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